TOEFL Reading Passages

We have in our earlier posts gone over different strategies and tips for the TOEFL reading passages. Today we are going to present in detail what kind of questions you should be asking yourself when taking on the TOEFL reading passages. The questions you should ask yourself when reading for the TOEFL test are: Who […]

TOEFL iBT Reading Test

The TOEFL iBT reading test measures the ability to read, understand and analyze short stories or essays. The passages chosen for the TOEFL iBT reading test are very similar to passages that are read on regular basis at U.S. universities.   The TOEFL iBT reading test includes 3 reading sections with 700 words on each […]

TOEFL Reading Tips

Here are some TOEFL reading tips shared by one of our members. Let’s look over the type of text and structure that awaits you in the reading section of the TOEFL.  The text and essays in the TOEFL test follows a academic structure. There is an introduction, body paragraph and finish with a conclusion. Let’s […]