TOEFL Test Format

Today's blog post is covering the different sections of the TOEFL and the TOEFL test format.

TOEFL Test Format of the Reading Section

This section has the maximum number of questions with around 36 to70. The Reading test includes three to five academic reading passages followed by comprehension questions. The students are tested in their ability to understand and analyze the meanings of the passages. The nature of the questions are similar to those that appear in the computer based TOEFL. Students are expected to demonstrate that they have learned what they read, either by filling out a table or completing a narrative summary

TOEFL Test Format of the Listening SectionTOEFL Test Format

The listening section has a range of questions from 34-51. This test involves the student listening to two or three conversations on their headphones. The conversations may include two or more speakers in each. Apart from this, there are four to six lectures, which include classroom dialogue.

TOEFL Test Format of the Speaking Section
The speaking test consists of a total of six tasks. Two of the tasks are independent tasks about familiar topics. The test taker is required to state, explain, and support their response using personal knowledge and experience
Two tasks are based on Reading and Listening materials. These tasks include a short reading passage and a short conversation. The questions require test takers to answer using the information provided in the reading, and the listening materials. One question is based on a campus-related situation, and the other is based on academic classroom material.
The remaining two tasks are based on Listening material. This includes a short lecture or conversation. The questions require test takers to summarize key ideas from the conversations in the responses.
Test-takers are judged on the basis of the following criteria:

1. Topic development: The student’s ability to understand the matter and draw connections between topics as well as their capability to convey relevant information.
2. Delivery: The ability to use clear, smooth, sustained speech.
3. Language use: Trained evaluators pay attention to the use of correct grammar and vocabulary. Close notice is paid to the response of logical answers.

The six tasks in the Speaking section are rated by at least two individuals scoring on a scale of 0-4. The six individual scores are averaged to arrive at an aggregate value. This aggregate value is then converted to the scale of 0 to 30.

TOEFL Test Format of the Writing Section
The first task will require you listen to a lecture, read a passage, and then write your response.
The second task is an independent task about a familiar topic. Test takers must state their response and support it with information from personal knowledge and experience

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