This simple TOEFL book, guides you through all the sections of the TOEFL test. It also includes test taking strategies, how to identify the correct answers and most importantly how to approach the exam. TOEFL book contains several relevant tips (paraphrasing, transition use, concision, speed writing, etc) that will be very helpful for your preparation.

Our TOEFL book is a compilation of posts from teachers, tutors and international students from our blog; “Theprepbook TOEFL Guide” allows you to become more familiar with the types of tasks or prompts for each section.

The book is divided into six sections: introduction, the reading section, the listening section, the speaking section, the writing section, and TOEFL review. The comprehensive material in this TOEFL book presents an overview of the TOEFL, explains its scoring method, and what is tested on the TOEFL IBT exam.

The Guide helps you become fully prepared for the theoretical part of TOEFL test without being too long, the emphasis on this site is practicing and applying what we learn. What’s unique about TOEFL book is that it will help improve your TOEFL scores quickly enough within the time frame that most people give themselves to study for the exam. Best of all, its completely free of charge.

We hope that the TOEFL guide  is beneficial to you. Remember to get our TOEFL Ibt practice package to practice the tips and strategies presented in our guide.

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