The smart move is to take the TOEFL when you are prepared and ready

A common scenario when taking a standardized test is that the first score is not to the student’s satisfaction and when taking the test a second time the student achieves a score he or she is happy with.

The difference between the first time and second is usually that more time is spent studying for the exam. There are cases of students who have taken the TOEFL 10 times, or more!Prepare for TOEFL Test Once

Taking the TOEFL several times becomes expensive and just think of all the time that is wasted! Rather than taking the tests several times try to accomplish your best score on your first try by being as prepared you can be. Sites like theprepbook and ETS helps you accomplish just that.

When you have checked the TOEFL exam of your list you may also need to take the SAT if you are looking to study in the U.S. You should always try to take the TOEFL before taking the SAT.

Give yourself a couple months to prepare for each test. The great thing is, by preparing for the TOEFL you automatically prepare for the SAT as well.

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