TOEFL Reading Question Types

Be aware of implied meanings, TOEFL reading question types that contain hints, and hidden claims. The TOEFL reading passages can be structured purposely to mislead you and throw you off balance, for example not following in chronological order. The key component is to remain calm and try to understand the big picture. There are 10 […]

TOEFL Reading Sample

In this blog post we will look at a TOEFL reading sample and take dig deeper into the TOEFL reading section. The reading section is the first section in the TOEFL test, the TOEFL reading test measures the ability to read, understand, and analyze short stories or essays. The passages chosen for the TOEFL reading […]

TOEFL Reading Comprehension

Today’s post focuses on TOEFL reading comprehension. A key component in TOEFL reading comprehension is to understand the questions to a hundred percent. It’s quite possible to answer the questions without reading the whole text, except to answer the insertion question, which demands that you read the paragraph into which you’ll insert the new sentence. […]