TOEFL Exercises

Listed below are some TOEFL exercises to help you study and prepare for the TOEFL test. The exercises are based on the TOEFL exam and helps you get familiar with the test format as well as improve your test taking skills.

New TOEFL exercises will be added to this list so check back every once in a while for updates.

TOEFL Reading Exercises: Study for the reading section and improve your reading comprehension ability.

TOEFL Listening Exercises: Do the listening quiz to practice your listening comprehension skills. The questions in the listening section measure your ability to comprehend academic passages in English.

TOEFL Writing Exercises: Practice your writing skills for the writing part of the exam. Answer questions based on the integrated task and independent task.

TOEFL Speaking Exercises: Practice and improve your speaking skills, remember that you can save your recorded answers.

TOEFL Guide: Read our simple TOEFL guide which takes your trough all the sections of the TOEFL test. Also includes bonus tips on what think of when taking the TOEFL test and different strategies that canĀ  be helpful to use.

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