TOEFL Reading Question Types

Be aware of implied meanings, TOEFL reading question types that contain hints, and hidden claims. The TOEFL reading passages can be structured purposely to mislead you and throw you off balance, for example not following in chronological order. The key component is to remain calm and try to understand the big picture.

There are 10 different TOEFL reading question types in the TOEFL test, remember that some of the answers are designed specifically to throw you off your game and work as a distraction.

TOEFL Reading Question Types

Detail Style Question: Questions on specific details from the reading passage.TOEFL Reading Question Types

Drag-n-Drop Summary Question: These questions are also ‘drag and drop’ style questions that will ask you to provide a main idea from the presented passage. It asks you to pick 3 sentences (out of a given six) that express the most important ideas in the passage. You must choose at least 2 out of the 3 correct sentences to be awarded any points for this question.

Expect Questions: Questions where you have to choose which answer is wrong.

Referent Question: Involves your ability to connect the referent pronoun to another word, clause, or phrase.

Vocabulary Question: Tests your understanding of a particular word. The word will be highlighted in text and you will be given four multiple choice answers to find the synonym.

Inference Question: Test your ability to understand a claim or an idea that is not written down.

Coherence Question: Coherence question is when you have to insert a sentence into the passage.

Paraphrasing Question: Paraphrasing is when you create a new sentence with new words but with the same meaning. These questions are about taking what you’ve just read, and figuring out a new way to say it.

Negative Fact Question: These questions sometimes confuse students because they often ask for the wrong answer, not the right answer.  These questions are easily identified because they contain the words “NOT” or “EXCEPT.”

Drag-n-Drop Question: You will have to categorize details from the reading passage. You will have two categories two choose from and will have to drag and drop the details to the right category

These are the kind TOEFL reading question types you can expect when taking the TOEFL test.


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