TOEFL iBT Practice Package to Boost Your Score

  • We'll give you the tools you need to quickly raise your TOEFL test score.
  • Take practice tests based on the TOEFL iBT
  • Find your weaknesses and learn how to make them your strengths
  • Level based exercises and tests, from beginner to advanced

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 Everything you need to Succeed on the TOEFL Test is an online TOEFL test prep platform. Theprepbook TOEFL iBT practice online is designed to help students study and prepare for the test online. Theprepbook gives you a personal learning experience, where you can find and work on your weaknesses prior to taking the TOEFL test.

The exercises and tests have been developed by a team of teachers, tutors and international students so that every aspect of the TOEFL exam is included. The study materials includes speaking, reading, writing, listening sections and much more to help you prepare for the TOEFL.

All of the TOEFL practice sections are level based, so there is always room to improve. With our TOEFL iBT practice online platform, you will get the tools you need to quickly raise your TOEFL test score.

TOEFL Practice Package Details

Get instant access to our TOEFL iBT practice online package, learn TOEFL strategies and practice each section with our TOEFL simulation program. Create your account and get started right away!

Learn from your mistakes and find out what questions you missed. You'll receive a score after each test, quiz and exercise. Our listening and reading comprehension tests are level based so there is always room for improvement.

The TOEFL speaking practice section lets you record your answers. Save the recording on your computer or send them as an email. Our speaking lab helps you improve your oratory skills.

Our writing lab helps you structure your answers the right way. Learn how to write the perfect TOEFL writing response. Let others critique your writing and critique others in our forum. Increase your vocabulary with the help of our word bank.

By improving your vocab you will increase your general knowledge of the English language and be better equipped to tackle the TOEFL test.