TOEFL Listening Section

TOEFL listening section will be the topic of today. Many students practice their writing or reading to prepare for the TOEFL test but seem to neglect the preparation of the listening section. The TOEFL listening section can be very easy to practice for; you could watch a movie in English without subtitles and then write […]

TOEFL Integrated Writing Practice

So what is TOEFL integrated writing? It is a part of the writing in the TOEFL test; it gives you 3 minutes to read a passage on a topic. Then you will listen to a lecture on the same topic that will either support the claim or cast doubt on the claim made. You will […]

TOEFL Essay Writing

Today we will go over TOEFL essay writing, more in detail; hopefully we will have given you some valuable TOEFL essay writing tips.  If you missed the last two posts, which worked as an introductions to the TOEFL writing section I recommend you reading: Introduction to the TOEFL writing section and then TOEFL writing strategy. […]