TOEFL Integrated Writing Practice

So what is TOEFL integrated writing? It is a part of the writing in the TOEFL test; it gives you 3 minutes to read a passage on a topic. Then you will listen to a lecture on the same topic that will either support the claim or cast doubt on the claim made. You will then be given 20 minutes to plan and write an essay that summarize the reading and lecture with a comparison. This essay should be between 150 to 225 words.TOEFL Integrated Writing Practice

Remember to summarize the information you have been delivered. Define what the lecture is all about and provide examples from the material. We strongly recommend you to take notes when listening to the TOEFL lecture. Note taking is a skill that should be part of the general TOEFL integrated writing practice, this will help you with the TOEFL integrated writing section tremendously.

When writing your essay focus on paraphrasing the ideas presented by the authors and how they differ from each other. Paraphrasing is explaining somebody else ideas with your own words.

When finished with the TOEFL integrated writing practice sections ask yourself these questions:

  • Did I organize my response in the right order of paragraphs and structure
  • Have I used transition words between ideas and thoughts?
  • Does each paragraph start with a topic sentence and end with a concluding sentence?
  • Did I paraphrase the main ideas from the reading and the listening part?
  • Have I only used information from the material presented and not my own ideas?

If you can answer yes to these questions you are in good shape for the TOEFL integrated writing part, next time we will talk about the TOEFL listening section. Check out the forum to see what others answers on the TOEFL integrated writing practice section.

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