TOEFL Listening Section

TOEFL listening section will be the topic of today. Many students practice their writing or reading to prepare for the TOEFL test but seem to neglect the preparation of the listening section.TOEFL Listening Section

The TOEFL listening section can be very easy to practice for; you could watch a movie in English without subtitles and then write an essay about the movie.

As you study and listen you should take notes so you remember key details like dates, numbers, strong language. Just focus on getting as much key information written down on your notes. If something is repeated in the TOEFL lecture you probably want to have it written down.

The questions you should ask yourself after hearing a lecture is what is the idea, purpose and importance of what you just heard.

There a several things you should be for the lookout during the TOEFL listening section. Beware of the context your lecture is presented and what tone the speaker has. What is surrounding the statement, what is the sentence before and after a statement?  Are you listening to a lecture or conversation, is it friendly conversation?

Also it is important to be aware of implication and inference, meaning when you implying something without really saying the exact words. These are some of the tricky parts of the TOEFL listening section that you will have to figure out.

Next time we will cover more listening skills and strategies that will help you during the TOEFL test.

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