TOEFL Speaking Preparation

Today’s blog post is going to focus on the TOEFL speaking section. The key when taking the TOEFL speaking section part of the TOEFL test is to speak perfect English with no grammar mistakes and pronunciation errors. Of course this is not an easy task for someone that is learning English as their second language. […]

TOEFL Grammar Tips

There are many different aspects involved in your TOEFL writing score, such as spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure, paragraph structure etc. However grammar is one of these factors that will have a major impact on your score. In today’s blog post we will provide some TOEFL grammar tips. The key in the writing section is to […]

TOEFL Reading Comprehension

Today’s post focuses on TOEFL reading comprehension. A key component in TOEFL reading comprehension is to understand the questions to a hundred percent. It’s quite possible to answer the questions without reading the whole text, except to answer the insertion question, which demands that you read the paragraph into which you’ll insert the new sentence. […]