TOEFL Grammar Tips

There are many different aspects involved in your TOEFL writing score, such as spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure, paragraph structure etc. However grammar is one of these factors that will have a major impact on your score. In today’s blog post we will provide some TOEFL grammar tips. The key in the writing section is to […]

TOEFL Vocabulary

Today we are going to go over some of the aspects regarding TOEFL vocabulary. The key when writing for the TOEFL is not to be redundant, meaning not to use the same words too often. That is how your TOEFL vocabulary is measured. ┬áIf you repeat yourself to often it will affect your TOEFL writing […]

TOEFL tip of the week: take notes

Many students who are about to take the TOEFL exam underestimates the value of organized note taking during the test. The notes you take can very well be the difference between failure and success. By having notes from previous passages you make sure your focused and most importantly have something to fall back on in […]