TOEFL Speaking Tips

In this article we will take a closer look into Toefl speaking strategies and try to give you some TOEFL speaking tips as well.

For a more detailed description of the TOEFL speaking section of the test and what is included you should look at our previous article: TOEFL Speaking.TOEFL Speaking Tips

At the TOEFL speaking test you will have to express your support and opinion for something based on your personal experience. And summarizing a conversation or lecture you just heard while expressing your own opinion on the topic.

A TOEFL speaking tip is to be good and familiar with paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is explaining what somebody else is saying but with your own words. It is helpful to know synonyms when you are trying to paraphrase. Synonyms are words that mean similar things.

As previously stated there are 6 tasks in the TOEFL speaking section. When listening to the lecture or conversation remember to think of what kind of conversation it is, the tone, key parts, names, dates , and overall meaning.

When summarizing in your speech try to explain the main idea of the lecture supported by details and examples.

Some TOEFL speaking practice tips include speaking with a native English speaker, read books in English out loud.

When you practice your speaking remember to time yourself since your answers will be timed. And when you practice try to think of this factors:

TOEFL Speaking Tips

  • Did I speak clearly?
  • Did I make grammatical errors?
  • Did I use words correctly?
  • Did I organize my ideas clearly and appropriately?
  • Did I speak too fast? Or too slowly?
  • Did I pause too often?

These are factors that will determine what kind of score you get on the speaking section of the TOEFL test.

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