TOEFL Speaking Questions

Today we are going to take a look on how to answer TOEFL speaking questions.

The TOEFL speaking section includes questions on different topics. There are not set list of topics however the selected topics must be familiar to college students. Everybody should have some experience with the TOEFL speaking questions.

The key is not to try to predict what topic and questions will be asked for the TOEFL speaking questions. But rather practice defending or attacking a statement and using your vocabulary while doing it.Toefl Speaking Questions

Some examples of TOEFL speaking questions include:

Family topics: Should parents be strict or not? Is TV bad for children or not?

Civic: Are theme parks good or bad? Can the city build a new church near your home?

Education: Should dorms be coed? Should students pay for school or not?

These are the types of questions you will have to answer for the TOEFL speaking test.

When answering these questions you should have your answer organized before speaking. Organize your answer as a short essay with a thesis, body and conclusion. Remember to give details inĀ  the body section to support your reasoning.

If you do not have a strong opinion regarding the selected topic, pretend you have. This section is about testing your ability to defend your opinion. And the worst thing you can do when answering the TOEFL speaking questions is to not give a clear opinion.

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