TOEFL Preparation Guide

Here are some TOEFL study tips that should be added to the TOEFL preparation guideTOEFL Preparation Guide. These are some tips that can come in handy when studying with our TOEFL book and following the TOEFL preparation guide.

Study Tips for the Reading section
Skim trough the reading, read the questions and then read the section.

Study Tips for the Listening section
Watch movies in English, first with subtitles in your language and then without subtitles.

Study Tips for the Speaking section
Read articles and essays out loud. Work on your pronunciation and grammar.

Study Tips for the Writing section

Keep it simple; write an introduction, body and conclusion. Read academic essays to learn the structure. The computer during the TOEFL test will not show you spelling errors or neither grammatical error.

Learn the TOEFL test format
Take practice tests and study the format you will be given the test. Remember that the sections are timed so when you practice you should time yourself as well.

Know the TOEFL score requirement for your school
Know before you take the test what scores the school will accept. Also remember that your test score is only valid for two years. Universities in the U.S. often require international students to take the TOEFL test to get admitted into the University

Practice typing
Remember that the TOEFL test is timed so it is important that you know how to type fast and without errors. Practice writing short essays in English under time pressure. Then after correct your errors and see that you can improve in your writing.

Be prepared
Make sure that you have brought everything you need for the test. Arrive early to the test center and give yourself some time to relax. Bring a valid ID and documents of proof that you are registered to take the test.

By following a solid TOEFL preparation guide when practicing you will be better prepared to tackle the TOEFL exam.


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