11 TOEFL Listening Tips

Today we are going to wrap up the TOEFL Listening section with 11 TOEFL listening tips.

TOEFL Listening TipsTOEFL Listening Tips

  1. Take notes, write down keywords, dates, numbers and other things you think is important
  2. Be sure to know the characters in your conversation or lecture
  3. Understand if you are listening to a lecture or conversation, a lecture is when mostly one person is speaking while a conversation involves multiple people
  4. What is the lecture or conversation about? What is the main theme?
  5. Ask yourself, who, when, why, where, how many and how much.
  6. What is the tone of the conversation or lecture? Is the speaker upset, happy or maybe sad
  7. Paraphrase your answer, meaning you can use the material you heard but have to change the words
  8. Work on your vocabulary, try to learn new words
  9. Watch movies in English, this will help your vocabulary and comprehension
  10. Be aware of material that are there to distract you from the main theme
  11. If you don’t know, guess

These are some of our TOEFL listening tips, and remember if you have any questions regarding the TOEFL listening section do not hesitate to ask us on the comment fields. Next time we will start going over the TOEFL speaking section.

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