TOEFL Test Strategies

Let's look at some TOEFL test strategies that can be useful to you when taking the TOEFL test.TOEFL Test Strategies

One does not have to answer every question on the TOEFL test to get a good score. Often it is enough to know what the wrong answer is. Each question has 4 possible answers,  so you have a 25 percent chance to get a answer right without knowing the answer and guessing.

If you can exclude one answer, you increase your chances to 33 percent and if you can rule out two answers (which is almost always possible), you have a 50 percent chance of guessing the correct answer. This process is called the process of elimination.

Effective TOEFL preparation  focuses on improving your weaknesses.

TOEFL Test Strategies for each section

TOEFL Strategies for the Reading Section

For each question answered right in the reading section you get a point. However, the questions have different difficulty level. Therefore, the tip is to first answer the easy questions first, then focus on the more difficult questions.

Remember that no matter how hard a question appear to be, the answer is always in the text.

Note that you do not get points for reading the text but only when answering questions So you need to be able to scan a text and obtain the most important information.

TOEFL Strategies for the Listening Section

The key for the listening section is not to try memorizing every detail. Rather, you should try to understand the big picture.

Process of Elimination is very helpful in the listening section.

If you missed something you should not bury our head in the sand. Usually you can guess the questions from the context as long as you can follow the full story.

TOEFL Strategies for the Speaking Section

The voice recordings are evaluated on the basis of three characteristics: content, language and following the thread.
It is important to speak clearly and precisely. Nobody expects a native-English accent.
The TOEFL Speaking-section is always structured the same way, you either have to explain your own preferences of a topic or take a statement and describe it.

TOEFL Strategies for the Writing Section

The most important factor in the writing section is structure. Try to structure your text as accurately as possible. The entire text structure should be apparent at first glance.

Always focus on the question. An essay that is structured perfectly but haven't answered the question receive no points.

By following these TOEFL Test Strategies you give yourself an edge when taking the test. Prepared test takers will always score better than if they where not prepared.