TOEFL Preparation Tips

The most common mistake for students who are preparing for the TOEFL test is that they try to learn the complete English language to take the test. If you don’t have a couple years until you take the test that could be a good strategy. But if you take the TOEFL test within 3-9 months it will be an overbearing process.TOEFL Preparation Tips

What you have to learn is how to take the TOEFL test and get familiar with the process.  Practice by repetition and practice tests. The test is 4 hour long so time yourself when you take the practice tests that are included in our package.

A way to quickly increase you vocabulary and understanding of the English language is to listen to music while reading the lyrics, or watching movies with English speech and your native language as subtitles. Reading news and books is also a way you can increase your language skills fast but remember the emphasis should be in preparing for the TOEFL test rather than the English language.

Also remember practicing your speech by recording it and listening to it so you know in what are you need to improve.

Some specific TOEFL preparation tips

Write essay and journals; remember if you have a keyboard designed for your native language to get a standard English language (QWERTY) computer keyboard since that is what you will use during your test.

Be prepared on taking notes, when you take the TOEFL test you should be so good at taking notes that you can explain a story just by looking at your notes. The difference between a good score and a bad score can be your ability on taking notes.

The most important TOEFL preparation tip:

Answer every question
Never leave a question blank. Eliminate all of the answers you know are wrong and then make an educated guess. You have a 25% chance of getting the correct answer. When you finish a section or question, try to put it out of your mind. Whether you are reading, listening, or answering a question, put all of your concentration on the task at hand.

We hope that the TOEFL preparation tips comes in handy and don't forget to join to get access to over hundreds of different practice exercises.