TOEFL tip of the week: Watch movies and improve your vocab

Our TOEFL tip of the week: Watch movies in English with subtitles in your native language.

Students from Scandinavian countries that take the TOEFL test, scores on a average better than any other region of the world. You may think that the reason for this is due to that it is mandatory for any High School student to study English.

However there is another reason that we believe may have a larger impact on their TOEFL score and that is movies. TV shows and movies from the U.S. are usually not dubbed in the Scandinavian countries, the norm is to watch movies with English language and subtitles in their native language.

By always watching movies and TV shows in English you automatically improve your vocabulary tremendously without even thinking about it! So next time you are about to watch a movie make sure it is in English!

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